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Thread: Thank you for helping me register Shelly!

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    Default Thank you for helping me register Shelly!

    Hello Group, I have asked to join because I am stricken by a disease that can only be cured by owning a mark two. I am actively in the process of trying to find a nice- well cared for non-restored original car that says no, I repeat no rust issues or never had rust issues
    I am in Southern California right now and actively looking for a mark 2 so if there are any candidates that anyone would recommend I would greatly appreciate any help. Looking forward to being with you for years to come.

    Mike Teske here,
    Today I became the proud owner of 1984.
    Lynn DeYoung and his lovely wife Diane allowed me to be the next custodian of this amazing car. Lived it's entire life in SoCal. An amazing original car. So proud.

    VIN: C56B1984
    SPEC: 14-56C 56 1207 PROD ORDER NO: 99
    ENG#: ???? BODY TAG NO: 308AC
    DSO DETAILS: White leather bolsters and light beige nylon biscuits, deep bronze carpet, white headlining, medium beige instrument panel, white leather and light beige nylon door panels, white moldings, medium beige plastics and steering wheel.
    Porcelain Intake and exhaust manifolds- not sure what else until I see the invoice
    NAMEPLATE: Harry H Packer Co

    Where is the engine number?
    There was a number on the transmission pan in large silver letters "569" anyone know if that was put on at the factory and what is means?

    Mike Teske
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    Mike Teske

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    Happy hunting for the car that you describe. do you have a price range for that which will cure your affliction? BTW I think it is called Mark II Fever.
    Brian Mc Evilly

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