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    Default Brand New Here... Looking!

    Hi, I'm Jim from NJ and 58 years old. I have always admired the 56 - 57 Mark II styles. I have now the time and the money to acquire one and have recently found a running, but sad, black with red/black interior for around $12,000. It needs work but is complete. I'm a Studebaker guy and a car guy so I know I have to post pictures ASAP but is this a good price? It is reported to run, and has sat inside for twenty years! I know I have to see it and post pictures but my scheduled visit is tomorrow (Thursday) at around 2PM and I'm busting to see what you think. Sounds very reasonable. I know from other cars there is nothing more expensive than a free or cheap deal.

    Are parts available for these Mark II cars? The seller told me the gas tank is shot and the entire fuel system needs to be replaced. He said he ran it yesterday from pouring gas into the carb. Thanks for the help!

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    Welcome to the Mark II Forum, Jim. Congratulations on what sounds like a good find. Look forward to seeing pictures and a better assessment after you have seen the car. Unlike a similar-period Ford or Chevy, no, there isn't a 1-800-Send-me-a-MKII-Part number to call. However, there are some suppliers, usually enthusiasts of the marque and others that can help source parts and offer carryover part #'s when needed. This forum is a huge boon to the success of maintaining these ultra-fine automobiles, for sources and information. You have taken the first positive step towards Mark II ownership! Keep it up and let's see some pics.
    Russell Chilton

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    To add to Russell's info - Get under the car and check the frame and the floor pans for rust. If the frame is shot you have a very expensive parts car or huge undertaking in the repair department. As for the fuel system - you can rebuild every but of it save for the SIP relay that lights the low fuel light. There Transmission is a simple rebuild but to get it out you need to pull the engine so you might want to take a look at that. Is the car a 56 or 57? Does it have factory Air? Check the compression. If the interior is shot you are looking at a lot of expense to redo it in Leather (FYI the dash is leather covered your looking at 5 or 6 red hides and 4 or 5 White Hides depending on what you do as the correct interior does not have seamed corner bolsters.) Pat Marshall has a line on carpet which was unobtanium a little while ago. Luckily the drive train was pulled from the Lincoln Assembly line so the stuff that wears out is available but you have to look. - My brother was a Studebaker guy and if you are comfortable sourcing stuff for a 50's Champion you'll do fine as we suffer from the same orphan car problems that Studebaker owners are used to. Just be ready for everything to be heavier and more expensive. I swear that the front seat weighs the same as my first car...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Stebbins View Post
    Get under the car and check the frame and the floor pans for rust. If the frame is shot you have a very expensive parts car or huge undertaking in the repair department.
    Sound advice from Joe Stebbins: you've absolutely got to have a sound frame...
    John Snoddy

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