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Sad, but true. I sold it just over a year ago after doing a full assessment of both the car, my wallet, other projects, and my available time. I came to the sad realization that I had to pass it down the road to someone with the same passion, but more wallet, less projects and more time, than I had. I didn't make a penny on the sale, as I didn't buy it to flip it, but instead (as evidenced by my passion to restore it) I bought it with the best of intentions for it.

The buyer seemed to share that passion, and it truly a nice guy, but I fear he too may have found himself with a similar assessment.

I'd beg of someone to take this car and if not restore it, at least let its parts keep other MKII's on the road. If I could buy it back and store it in a bubble out of the way of everything else I own, I would, but that's just not feasible.

Best of luck to the new buyer/owner.