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Thread: Welcome to The Mark II Forum.....

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    Default Welcome to The Mark II Forum.....

    Hello Everyone:

    Born on the fourth of July, 2009, the Mark II forum is up and running.
    Yes, there are Lincoln and Continental forums and the LCOC, but this forum is intended for Mark II owners and enthusiasts. So if that's you, then please REGISTER and let's talk MARK II. I just bought one and I know there are others like me who need help and information to get their cars in shape, and there's a good number of knowlegable owners on the Internet who can benefit by joining.

    This forum will be run with few rules. To help prevent spam, you have to be registered to write a post. I'd prefer you register with your real name, but it's not mandatory. If you use a nick name or "handle", please enter your real name in the Signature area of all your posts. That can be done automatically by entering the "UserCP" and then "edit Signature". I usually do this manually for you when I notice a new member but that may take a few days so you can do it yourself. Place your full real name, such as "Rich Jones" and your location in the signature. Many of our members like to know with whom they are dealing. For Sale items should have a stated price as solicitation of offers is not permitted.

    Please become a Sponsoring Member otherwise you'll be missing a lot of vital information. If you are not a Sponsoring Member then know what you are missing. You are not seeing the hundreds of pictures and documents in our library, the Technical forum which is a must if you need tech help, the Restoration forum, if you have restoration work ahead of you, etc. etc. so go to this section and join in.

    Please don't get offended if I move or delete a post, but as administrator I will move posts around within the various forums to keep the forums on point. I might open new threads and move exisiting posts into them or copy an exisitng post into it. I will only delete stuff that is no longer timely or of long term value. We want to preserve the valuable information presented here and keep it all in an appropriate place. These moves will not prevent you from seeing all new posts. Just click on the "New Posts" link whenever you sign on.

    Register now, become a Sponsoring Member and contribute to our forum.
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